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Sidewinder XTR

The New Way Sidewinder XTR has the highest ram penetration in the industry, increasing your capabilities out on the road.  Gain even more compaction power with the optional pre-crusher in your hopper, giving your operation the edge on the speed and capacity.  Boasting a 750 lb. capacity at its maximum reach of 12 feet, our arm has the highest lift capacity in the industry.  And its 8-second cycle time keeps you moving.

·  Weight: 11,400 – 13,000 lbs.

·  Capacity: 20 - 31 yd³

New Way Mamba

The New Way Mamba slithers its way into routes other trucks can’t and still delivers a menacing bite. With its slender body construction, the Mamba plays a big role and has abilitiy to transfer compacted materials to larger Rear Loaders. Available in fixed body mount, The Mamba also features cart tipper and barrel dumper options sure to strike fear into the competition.
  • Weight: 4,560-6,050 lbs. 
  • Capacity: 6-10 yd³
  • Sidewinder ZXT

    Introducing the New Way™ Sidewinder ZXT. Join an all-new movement where efficiency is always at your side. New Way has squeezed an abundance of striking features onto a lightweight and maneuverable chassis. Get ready to take a whole new grip on the industry with the Sidewinder ZXT

    ·  500 lb. Capacity Arm
    ·  6 ft. Arm Reach

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